Local SEO

Let’s face it – local search success is a difficult task to excel in. Google has been constantly updating its ways of displaying search results on local businesses. If you are looking to dominate your local searches, you came to the right place!

Together, let’s drive customers, new and old to patronize your products and services. Outranking your competitors on Google search will be one of our goals. Different factors will need to be put into consideration to do this effectively.

Success on Local SEO will lead to more sales, bigger profits. Though it’s no magic and no instant boost on ranking, we will work with you to deliver a proven and long-term effective local SEO strategy for your online presence.

Here are the services we offer to improve your local search ranking and exposure:

Google My Business Full Set Up and Optimization

Created by Google themselves, Google My Business is a free tool to help local businesses market their products locally and be seen by locals or visitors near the location.

We’ll work on boosting your presence locally which would eventually lead to bringing you on the top rank of local Google search.

We will help you set up and establish your Google My Business account (now known as Google Business Profile) and optimize your profile by filling in the relevant details needed.

Our team will help you choose great photos to be uploaded on your profile perfect for your customers’ viewing. This is an important thing since customers will always view photos of your products before deciding to avail themselves.

We make sure you won’t miss a step! Making your Google My Business account as optimized as possible will increase your chances of getting a higher rank in the local searches. People will find your business easier and that will increase the chances of them availing of your products.

Citation Building

Citations play a relevant role in achieving a higher local search ranking. A lot of local business owners disregard this step when trying to establish their business online which is a very wrong move.

Citations are considered as an online reference that features different information such as the business’ name, phone numbers, and locations. Citations can be a form of information and also directories.

We will list your business in different trusted directories online to send signals to Google and assure them that your business is real and does exist. This will improve your business’s local online presence and will improve your Google rank.

One of our goals is to pick the right citations for your business. There are a lot of citations out there but we have to narrow down the list into the most relevant citations that will be beneficial for your brand. With our knowledge and expertise of how citation building should be done, rest assured we’re picking those that will give a positive impact on your business.

Online Reputation Management

At least half of the market value of your business is affected by your online reputation. If it’s hurting your business, take immediate action!

The Writers’ Block PH is here to turn the table and build a more positive image online for your business. Your online reputation will serve as the trust signal that will make your prospective customers determine if they want to do business with you.

Don’t let those words drag you down. Don’t ignore them and make sure to deal with them. You don’t want those negative words to reach your potential customers. You will lose business, you will lose money.

Use our expertise. We take good care of our client’s needs as much as we take good care of your business needs. We value customer satisfaction. We deliver great and visible results.

Our duties include:

  • Review generation
  • Survey management
  • Monitoring reputation
  • Online follower growth
  • SEO reputation management
  • Reputation repair

We won’t let your reputation risk your business. A lot of trolls and spammers will spread rumors and misinformation about your products or services or the business itself and that is not okay. We are here to make sure you are in control and maintain a healthy reputation reflecting your brand.

Aside from avoiding the trolls and spammers who leave false negative feedback, remember to always make sure you are giving the best service and products to your customers! Experience beats anything.

Lead the competition. Never ignore what’s necessary. Do what you need to do to stay on top and be on top.

Let us handle your business’ Local SEO.

Contact us through email or a quick call.

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