Social Media Marketing

Social Media has taken over the world giving a huge impact on our daily lives. An estimated over 4 billion users are actively using social media platforms daily. Different social media platforms exist in the digital world and a person could use 8 of them actively.

Today, the main use of social media platforms is for family and friends communication. However, new brands and business owners have taken this opportunity to establish their businesses and engage with old and new customers online. Social media platforms, like Facebook, have increased engagements, site traffic, brand awareness, and sales of businesses, big or small.

Here at The Writers’ Block PH, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with solutions allowing them to maximize their reach, sale, profit, and brand marketing. We offer services that give visible positive results. Below is the list of expertise we take pride in:

Social Media Page Management

Managing social media pages/accounts can be very time-consuming for someone who is trying to do things on their own. Managing their business as well as doing the marketing is a real challenge.

The main challenges in doing social media management are the production of interesting content and regularly engaging with your followers and new prospects.

Interesting content ideas to draw your followers’ attention and the new ones don’t come in an instant. Research and proper planning are needed to make sure the content is the exact one for it to be effective.

Posting every day and constantly being active in replying to your followers is a must. It will be very difficult to keep your focus on your business’s core while doing marketing online. That is why where are here to offer our expertise.

Different tools exist to let you manage social media pages and you can use only one to manage all. We will find the tools that are best for you and your company’s needs.

We do the managing for you, content creation, and make sure to engage with your followers to attract new prospective customers to boost your business’ performance. That way, you will have more time to deal with your business and personal matters.

Community Building

Building a community for your brand with all those loyal customers gathering and exchanging their positive experiences about your products or services is a dream come true.

A brand community is where a group of people build relationships who will serve as the most powerful advertising campaign for your business. Experts have said that community building is more important than sales.

Creating a loyal support system with your old and new customers will create a buzz around your offers attracting new prospects. The fact they are your valued customers who kept coming back and patronizing your products or services without thinking twice will convince new customers to give your product a try. Works like magic!

Got no time for this? Too much work? Don’t have any idea how to start? Here’s how we can help.

  • We help you identify your brand’s personality. Knowing your brand and beyond what you are marketing to your customer plays a huge role. Values, mission, vision statements are important. The more solid your brand is, the more you will attract new customers. Proper discussion, understanding, and research can make these things happen.
  • Building your goals with you for your business. Do you know your key metrics and goals? We gather feedback from your customers, inform them of a new product launching soon, spread awareness. But building community is not just about breaking the news to them. Digging deeper into the brand’s integral aspects as we help you answer the questions to set your community and bring it to success.
  • Pick a platform for your community. This part is as important as coming up with your community’s purpose. Knowing what is best for your customers and brand will affect this a lot. We make sure to provide you with the best platform choice to make their experience smooth when trying to find your community.
  • Regular communication and interaction. Time-consuming but very effective to keep your client or customers. We understand you won’t have all day to keep up with the people commenting, reacting, or sending you messages about your brand. With us, we’ll keep the bond tight and strong. We will do our best to connect with your community and enhance the relationship for the benefit of your business.
  • Acknowledge feedback. Customers’ feedback is very important. We will help you incorporate them into your products and services. This will make your customers feel heard and not neglected which will make them put the best words for your brand out there.

Hashtag Research

Might sound like a blur and difficult to understand why hashtags are very important when it comes to social media management. The main goal of putting hashtags on your posts or captions is to reach potential customers as far as possible.

We will help you identify the right hashtags for your brand to reach its maximum potential and spread. We will then incorporate these hashtags into the posts and content that we will be sharing on your social media pages.

Using a tool, we will track the hashtags’ performance, analyze them to make them more effective for your business’s social media marketing. The number of hashtags to use on social media platforms differ from each other which is why research is a must.

Don’t sweat yourself. We are here to help. We have a team specializing in this aspect to make sure that you are making the most out of what these hashtags are for.

Social Media Strategy

Unsatisfied with your social media strategies? Ran out of ideas about what to do to boost your business’ performance? Let us take good care of it.

Our transparency with the strategies that we implement will give you relief knowing that you are in the loop of everything that’s happening. Your social media platforms play a big role in your online marketing. Not being able to get what you have expected after trying out different marketing strategies can be very frustrating. You lose money, you lose potential customers in the long run.

With The Writers’ Block PH, we make sure the strategies implemented for your social media marketing are effective and money-worthy. It is not a question that you need to spend, to gain something when it comes to business. The real question is, how and on what are you going to spend the budget?

Coming up with social marketing strategies to make sure that your customers will get what you are trying to convey to them is a real headache. These strategies need to be eye-catching, informative, and compelling at the same time.

With the different expertise our team members possess, you can sit back and relax. We will do the job for you but still, keep you updated so you will know what is happening.

Send us an email. Give us a call.

We will be happy to discuss our services further with you.

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