Aim Fitness

…I am VERY impressed with all the work your team has done for me so far! I am really happy to have your help. Thank you SO much and pass this on the the rest of the team!

I am getting more social media engagement and I have had many people say how professional my posts are! Well done!

Meg Stickl

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Scrapbook Campus | Creation Cassel

I have been working with Rizzi and her team for over 4 years now. I have been able to delegate a variety of tasks, including social media management, blog post writing, research, and various WordPress work. The tasks are always very well done and on time.

Her team is always willing and ready to add new tasks as needed. This has given me more time to focus on content creation and customer service.

Carole Asselin

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Carrie Farmer Connections

The Writer’s Block PH is a great service; they work hard to reflect my brand and support my efforts with creative content. It is wonderful to have them handle the social media side of my business, as well as provide helpful analytics reports so I can monitor our progress.

They keep me up to date, remind me weekly of upcoming projects needing my attention. They are life savers.

Carrie Farmer

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Nanas Workshop

If you’re looking for a great VA service, I would recommend The Writers’ Block PH. They listen to my ideas and produce exactly the content I’m looking for. They are open minded, patient, and very creative. I could not do all the things they do plus run my business without them. They have been a great asset to my business.

Shannon Olson

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