Aim Fitness

…I am VERY impressed with all the work your team has done for me so far! I am really happy to have your help. Thank you SO much and pass this on the the rest of the team!

I am getting more social media engagement and I have had many people say how professional my posts are! Well done!

Meg Stickl

Aim Fitness was founded in 2013 by Meg Stickl with the goal to help as many seniors as possible regain strength, improve mobility and to feel empowered to live their best lives!

Meg’s mission is to help Adults 50+ worldwide and to encourage them to build simple fitness habits that will lead them to healthier lives.

Aim Fitness offers personal training, online video program, online weekly classes, and webinars as well.

We started working with Aim Fitness just a couple of months ago, September 2021. The results of posting consistently across their social media platforms was nothing short of phenomenal. Numbers were shooting high all across the board, the most notable of which are the social media reach.