Carrie Farmer Connections

The Writer’s Block PH is a great service; they work hard to reflect my brand and support my efforts with creative content. It is wonderful to have them handle the social media side of my business, as well as provide helpful analytics reports so I can monitor our progress.

They keep me up to date, remind me weekly of upcoming projects needing my attention. They are life savers.

Carrie Farmer

Carrie is an Intuitive Encouragement Coach, passionate about supporting those on their S/Hero Journey.


by Carrie Farmer (April 1, 2021)

S/HERO, a sensitive soul’s heroic efforts rebuilding society from ashes to greatness.S/HERO individuals are courageously stepping up to answer their Soul’s destiny.They know everyone and everything is a gift to the entire creation, this includes understanding personal genius resides within each individual, and cultivating this is vital to the well-being of all concerned.Therefore, it is the purpose of our S/HERO Reformation mission to act accordingly in support, and on behalf of all, who desire a shift in personal and cultural ways of being in a global community.When I am in the corner of a S/HERO, they feel supported and the courage they need to answer their soul’s destiny.

MOTTO: From every descent, there is a new rising

We have been working with Carrie Farmer Connections since November 2020. We have been consistently posting branded content on her Facebook Page, Instagram account, and Pinterest account. We also cross-post to her Facebook group and do basic engagement.

Facebook page reach and impressions has really seen a significant increase from when we started working until today. The same can be said for the Pinterest account.