This is Raz, SEO Team Manager, responsible for local search engine optimization including strategy formulation, implementation and tracking to help client websites rank better in search engine and proximity results.

She finished her bachelor’s degree from Mindanao State University – General Santos, taking up B.S. Biology. Never has she set her foot in a traditional corporate setting, but she has focused on online freelancing since 2010. Starting out as a writer, she has evolved throughout the decade into a multifaceted virtual assistant. She has worked on social media marketing, ecommerce, and SEO.

She maintains a healthy work life balance to give time for her hobbies which are reading, crafting, gardening, and traveling. She enjoys going through her stack of noir crime, goth horror, and recently, self-help books. Her breaks are spent arguing and playing aggressive tag with her dog.

Razz is dedicated to deliver data-driven results, as well as timely and precise outputs to ensure that clients are on top of their campaigns and ahead of the competitors.

She fuels her dreams with perseverance and integrity. She leads her life in Paolo Coehlo’s words “If you want something, the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”.

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