As the operations manager, Rizzi Meia Palma keeps the team running smoothly day-to-day. She started working online as a web content writer back in 2008. A decade and three years later, she has added quite a number of skills in her repertoire including social media marketing, project management, and strategic branding. She loves working with data to make sure marketing and branding strategies align with client goals and market needs.

She has a degree in marine biology and a certificate in bookkeeping. She also volunteers for the Scoliosis Philippines Support Group, Inc and currently the membership director.

When offline, you’ll find her in one of these three places: out in the garden tending to her plants, on the couch either binge watching on Netflix or reading a book, and in the kitchen trying out some new recipe or cooking her comfort foods. Working from home can blue the boundaries really fast that’s why it’s really important to set aside time away from the computer.

Rizzi believes that life is what you make it. There are things that we simply have no control over, but we can control how we respond to all the curve balls that life will throw our way.

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