Why is Short-Form Video so Popular?

If you’ve been living under a rock over the past few years, short-form video is no longer just a social media craze – it’s a revolution. The world has become a very visual place where people are using video to share and connect like never before. As the landscape of visual content keeps expanding andContinue reading “Why is Short-Form Video so Popular?”

The Best Guide to Content Marketing for Local SEO

Success in digital marketing is dependent on content, regardless of the platform you use to get it distributed. However, allocating time to match your brand’s message and knowing when and where to publish to get the most out of your content can be challenging. Traditionally, SEO for local businesses was thought to be nothing moreContinue reading “The Best Guide to Content Marketing for Local SEO”

Podcasting for Business: Top 7 Reasons To Get Started

Defined as spoken word digital audio files, podcasts serve as feasible platforms to educate and entertain, even for digital marketing. Being all sound, a person who is listening doesn’t get distracted by visual cues one usually gets from watching a vlog, TV show or a film. This ease of use makes podcasting for business anContinue reading “Podcasting for Business: Top 7 Reasons To Get Started”

Pinterest Story Pins, now Idea Pins, for Business: A Beginner’s Guide

In September 2020, Pinterest introduced Story Pins in beta as the latest way to create and share vibrant, inspirational and visual content. This feature allows content-creators to tell stories with multiple pages of images, videos, voice overs, and texts among others that may ignite interests of the target audience. For businesses and brands, Story PinsContinue reading “Pinterest Story Pins, now Idea Pins, for Business: A Beginner’s Guide”