Content Calendar Series Part 2: What is Facebook Creator Studio?

Build and manage your Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising initiatives more effectively and efficiently with Creator Studio. In the first part of this series, we talked about your brand board. Once you have determined your brand identity, we can now move into the next step: creating your content calendar. Let’s get to know Creator Studio and how you can get the best of it for your business.

Creator Studio is a valuable and powerful hub that brings together all the tools to plan, create, manage, monetize, and measure content across Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It therefore serves as a one-stop shop that has all the features to bring the best and organized social media content to the audience.

Creator Studio makes streamline publishing possible by letting creators, publishers, brands, and marketers upload multiple content at once, organize them into playlist and even cross-post to multiple pages.  Without having to log in and out of multiple dashboards, building and managing Facebook and Instagram accounts has been certainly made easier than ever.

Scheduling Your Content Posts

While scheduling posts has been a feature of Facebook for quite some time already, Creator studio enables you to create, save, schedule, or backdate posts directly from the tool. It has a robust feature called the Content Library which provides a summary of all the posts scheduled across Facebook Pages.

The following information are displayed on the content library page:

  • A snapshot of your post media and text
  • Post Status
  • Date
  • Details
  • Impressions
  • People Reached
  • Engagement
  • Link Clicks
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Reactions
  • Distribution

It also allows you to quickly filter and narrow your search according to post types, post status and time frame.

Moreover, once an Instagram account is linked to Creator Studio dashboard, it enables native Instagram content scheduling like how you schedule content posts for Facebook. You can also add multiple images, tag people, sponsors, collaborators, or business partners in a branded content and turn off comments.

To make uploading easier and more streamlined, you may also cross-post between Facebook Business Pages and Instagram Business or Creator Profiles. Aside from saving time and effort, this feature indeed can refine your social media strategies.

Detailed Analytics for Facebook and Instagram Insights

Creator studio allows you to see performance metrics and subsequently understand audience engagement.  In this powerful tool, you can access reporting metrics including content performance, retention, and distribution, audience engagement, advanced insights from the audiences and even earnings. This feature is vital as it allows you to evaluate the efficacy of your social media campaigns, determine their overall impact on your brand or business and improve your digital marketing efforts when needed.


Another essential and handy feature of Creator Studio is the Inbox which lets you view messages from Facebook messenger, Instagram direct messages and Story mentions, and Facebook and Instagram comment notifications. Each view comes with filters to track notifications. This feature is crucial in helping social media managers to stay on the top of engagement and communication with followers and customers. This is highly important especially for digital marketers and entrepreneurs to deliver an excellent customer service.  


Monetization eligibility of your Facebook Pages can be checked through Creator Studio. You can also check various monetization tools such as in-stream ads, brand collabs managers and fan subscriptions. This feature allows you to become flexible in terms of earning money in ways that make sense for you, your content, and your clientele.  

It’s free!

Best of all, this feature is free! You will not need to pay a third-party app to schedule your posts!

Have you explored Facebook Creator Studio in creating and managing marketing tasks? Are you taking advantage of all its features? Are you ready for the next part of the content calendar series? We’ll be talking about different post types for your social media content calendar. Stay tuned!

Let’s get you started on posting consistently on your social media pages!
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