Content Calendar Series Part 3: A Useful Guide to Post Types

Now, in the third part of our content calendar we will be talking about post types. Since we’ve covered brand boards and Facebook Creator Studio, it’s time take into consideration another important aspect of a content calendar.

In this digital era, high quality post or content types are of immense significance to business marketing and advertising. If done strategically, strong pieces of content can help your brand stand out and yield impressive benefits both in your online reach and revenue.

8 Types of Posts for your Content Calendar

Here are some different types of content to help you spread brand awareness, entice and engage more with your audience, build relationships, and finally reach your business goals:

1. About

An “about us” content shares the basic information about your brand, its founders and products, as well as a snippet of how they were conceived and created. This type of content helps in making good first impression, builds connection and positions your brand in the market.

2. Product reviews or service testimonials

These are product-centered or service-oriented contents that provide insights into a product’s quality and function including the benefits and drawbacks.  Aside from boosting online presence, showcasing customers’ experience with your brand can help build consumer loyalty and trust, and encourage potential clientele to complete a purchase.

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Also known as user-created content (UCC), UGC refers to any type of content such as text, images, videos, podcasts, and audio that has been created by a brand’s followers, users or consumers on any online platforms (e.g., social media).

Considered to be an integral part of social marketing strategy, UGC helps in building brand loyalty, driving visitors to your site with the intent to purchase and generating marketing stream. Using UGC in marketing can surely increase sales and grow the brand’s online community.

4. Blog posts

Posting frequent, good quality blog posts can help maximize your website’s traffic growth, and are therefore essential for your brand’s effective SEO (search engine optimization). These are often created to increase brand awareness, provide current industry news or events, or simply make available some helpful and valuable content.

These are quite easy to make, publish and share to varied audience, which in return can help you build your market status and networks. Optimize your blog posts by focusing on topics that will spur the interest of your target audience, as well as highlight your expertise to build authority and trust.

5. Infographics 

These are visual vehicles that can present a more simplified, understandable version of an otherwise complex content such as statistics, process flow, research, trivia and facts, and other pertinent data. With the use of graphic designs, this type of post can convey information in a clear and compelling way even with just a quick glance.

To create an effective and engaging infographic, aside from using photos that may entice, information must be sensibly organized, texts are concise and legible, a color scheme is followed, and negative space is utilize.

6. Videos

Videos are among the most powerful and versatile types of content that digital marketers can leverage. While technically arduous, this post type can be developed and served in a variety of ways that can attract, engage and convert qualified leads. Videos are often at the forefront of digital marketing to generate awareness of brand, products or services, develop relationships with the target market, boost conversion rates and ultimately increase sales.


One of the simplest types of posts, quotes which can be motivational, inspiration or educational, can be used to increase engagement particularly on social media networks to prove points within large content pieces.

8. Interactive articles

This type of content is effective and highly valuable in terms of educating prospective customers. By creating a call-to-action, interactive articles can also make your brand relatable and engaging.

These 8 types of post or content are among the most popular across the digital marketing world. By making use of these standard post types to fill your content calendar, you will be able to engage and communicate with audience, drive traffic to your business website, level up your digital marketing and ultimately achieve your goals.  

What other types of posts would you include in your content calendar? In the last part of our content calendar series, we will be talking about Canva. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it. We’ll see you in the next post.

[This post contains a Canva affiliate link. We may receive a commission for purchases made through this link. We love Canva! Our team personally and professionally uses Canva for just about everything graphics and then some!]

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