Do Instagram hashtags really work?

Every individual has a photo or two they deem worthy of receiving attention on social media – and what other platform is best for this, if not Instagram and their infinite list of hashtags?

From a quirky picture with your friends (which you might use the hashtag #squadgoals) to a staggeringly adorable picture of your furry friend (#petstagram), Instagram has made it possible for you to create a profile filled with the things you love the most, with a bonus of attaching a phrase or keywords to succinctly describe the content of your media.

Hashtags are used in a multitude of social media platforms, but Instagram is one such site that has fully established this indicator system as part of its brand.

As such, even local businesses are using this platform to promote their products or services, with the appropriate hashtag plan set in place. There are guides on how to do this effectively.

Now, the question at hand is: Do Instagram hashtags really work? Are they reaching your intended audience, or are you able to reach the desired results through navigating certain hashtags?

Simply put, the answer is yes!

Below are a few reasons why.

People scroll through hashtags on the daily.

In 2022, the number of monthly users on Instagram has exceeded 1 billion. With such a large-scale number, it is apparent that many still use this social network to keep tabs on their favorite artists, or to look for aesthetically pleasing locations with, as you guessed it, the related hashtags.

There is no limit to the type of content you can find on Instagram, and people are prone to clicking hashtags out of curiosity or boredom, which can lead to them exploring a new field of interest. For the Instagram user looking to gain an audience, this is good – exposure is effective, even if unintentional.

Hashtags on Instagram help the people find you.

Creating a post on Instagram without hashtags may not be such an issue for accounts with a large following and high engagement, but what about starting accounts with little to no followers?

Instagram hashtags help the people find you and your content – whether you are a rising make-up artist, a hopeful live streamer, or a local food business yearning for that big break in the form of potential customers, there are hashtags just for you and your chosen niche.

Even better, once you have become established enough, you may be the one dominating the hashtag game by coming up with witty and catchy taglines that other users will be spreading for others to see.

Instagram hashtags show you what you need to see.

Once you have decided on a hashtag to use for your brand, it is time to scope out what kind of posts you will be sharing the spotlight with – this is done through searching the said tags.

In this very sense, Instagram hashtags are working for you much as it works for your audience.  How else would you know what your competitors are posting if not through the usage of hashtags? You need to do some research to get that edge over them.

With the absence of this feature, the chances of you coming across content similar to yours is slim and is time-consuming when done manually.

Trending hashtags work like a charm.

It is no secret that trends are a smart, efficient way to gain traction, and the good news is that trends are very often labeled using hashtags.

This makes it easier for you to ride the wave while the attention is still high, as many people are checking hashtags on sites, including Instagram, like they are breaking news – you always want to be present to incorporate your content with the trending hashtags, and introduce your brand to many users with your very own content.

Whether you retain their interest after they check your page out will depend on how good you are at social media marketing – it’s never too late to learn how!

Instagram hashtags do work – all it takes is smart strategies and an eye for what is hot, an ear for what people are currently raving about, and good taste to know how your content can be expressed through Instagram using various hashtags.

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