Quick Guide to Local SEO for Healthcare

Today, many healthcare businesses use the open spaces to provide information on how they can help patients whether it is their website, or a print ad. However, not all healthcare providers are aware that optimizing and promoting a medical practice is an effective strategy for increasing website traffic Local SEO for medical and healthcare businessContinue reading “Quick Guide to Local SEO for Healthcare”

Implementing A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations

Business owners with multiple locations should always keep the needs of their individual locations in mind when planning a local SEO strategy. Keeping your business’s sights set on your customers, and not solely on rankings, is the best way to create a successful strategy. While local SEO is quite complicated, there are steps you canContinue reading “Implementing A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations”

How To DIY Online Marketing For Your Physical Therapy Practice

Despite the numerous advantages of developing your own online marketing strategy, many large and small physical therapy clinics continue to get sidetracked. One of the main reasons is that they don’t have enough time or resources to make a good plan for online marketing.  Naturally, this could occur if your in-house marketing specialist takes aContinue reading “How To DIY Online Marketing For Your Physical Therapy Practice”

How To Optimize Your Dental Practice Website For Local SEO

Nowadays, having a good website may not be enough, especially if you’re a dentist seeking to attract more people in your area. The current state of local marketing requires businesses to localize their website, email and social media marketing in order to win over potential customers. In addition, with Google’s introduction of the Local SearchContinue reading “How To Optimize Your Dental Practice Website For Local SEO”

Creating Backlinks Through Citation Building for Local SEO

Citation building for local SEO is an integral aspect of any local SEO effort. Including this in your local SEO plan is critical since it helps Google notice you, allowing you to rank higher in search engine results. Additionally, it is one of the most effective methods for increasing website traffic. You will be ableContinue reading “Creating Backlinks Through Citation Building for Local SEO”