Quick Guide to Local SEO for Healthcare

Today, many healthcare businesses use the open spaces to provide information on how they can help patients whether it is their website, or a print ad. However, not all healthcare providers are aware that optimizing and promoting a medical practice is an effective strategy for increasing website traffic Local SEO for medical and healthcare businessContinue reading “Quick Guide to Local SEO for Healthcare”

How To DIY Online Marketing For Your Physical Therapy Practice

Despite the numerous advantages of developing your own online marketing strategy, many large and small physical therapy clinics continue to get sidetracked. One of the main reasons is that they don’t have enough time or resources to make a good plan for online marketing.  Naturally, this could occur if your in-house marketing specialist takes aContinue reading “How To DIY Online Marketing For Your Physical Therapy Practice”

7 Actionable Marketing Strategies for Your Veterinary Clinic

Marketing for veterinarians can be hard, especially if you have a small practice and are competing with bigger clinics in your area. As a veterinarian and pet care specialist, you care about animals and provide excellent care to your patients. But how can your practice or clinic stand out from the rest? The solution isContinue reading “7 Actionable Marketing Strategies for Your Veterinary Clinic”

The Ultimate Google Business Profile Management Cheat Sheet

Google changes the information in your Google Business Profile all the time, and most business owners don’t even know about it. This is why Google Business Profile management is so important if you want to leverage a location-based strategy and move up in your local SEO campaign. When a user does a search for aContinue reading “The Ultimate Google Business Profile Management Cheat Sheet”