Content Calendar Series Part 4: Canva

We have reached the final part of our content calendar series and, this time, we will be talking about Canva. Creating eye-catching, compelling and engaging visual content is made simple and seamless with Canva, a graphic design and video editing tool that was established in Sydney, Australia in 2012.

Embraced by over 30 million people around the globe and with a valuation of US$6 billion in 2020, Canva has become an indispensable and go-to platform for the design needs of various organizations, marketing professionals, business owners, bloggers, educators, and novice designers.

Powerful Features Made Simple

With its intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, Canva lets you create social media graphics, marketing materials, presentations, infographics, print products, event needs, documents and any other kind of digital asset. It boasts myriad features and functions including thousands of pre-designed templates, a massive library of stock images, videos, animations, icons and fonts that are all customizable to suit your needs for any occasion.

[This post contains a Canva affiliate link. We may receive a commission for purchases made through this link. We love Canva! Our team personally and professionally uses Canva for just about everything graphics and then some!]

It has a straightforward and basic photo editor that proves to be helpful especially to those who are not well-versed of photo editing. With Canva, one can also get an entire team to work, collaborate and be involved in a design project in real-time.

Thousands of Free Templates, Yes FREE!

Step up your business and marketing strategy by making use of Canva’s extensive suite of ready-to-use professionally designed templates for your branding, e-commerce and entrepreneurship projects.

Explore thousands of templates for your social media content such as Instagram stories and posts, Facebook posts and covers, YouTube channel arts, and LinkedIn banners. Templates for your advocacy, event and education needs are also readily available.

Best thing about it, most of these templates are FREE!

Create Designs and Edit Photos Like a Pro

For individuals who are not Photoshop-savvy, this graphic design platform makes editing photos painless with its beginner-friendly and straightforward photo editor. With just a few clicks, you can enhance photos with a range of filters that can be easily customized  based on your preferred brightness, saturation and contrast. Trim and fit your photos according to your needs by cropping, resizing, and choosing the pixel dimensions and aspect ratio.

Create Designs Together with Canva Team

Through Canva Team, real-time remote collaboration for various graphic and design projects has been made simple and easy.  This feature fosters efficiency and improves workflow by engaging everyone in the team to contribute innovative ideas and simultaneously work on the same digital projects from anywhere in the world. Designing, sharing, and commenting on any designs directly in Canva can be done anytime, on any device.

Free Canva vs Canva Pro vs Canva Enterprise

Canva is freely available online and comes with  support for universal sync across the web, Android and iOS. It is, however, available in three tiers: Free, Pro and Enterprise plans. 

For the free version, you can access more than 250,000 templates, 100 design types, thousands of photos and graphics, team and outside-team sharing, and 5GB of cloud storage . With this plan which you can avail at absolutely no cost, you can already have access to its plethora of features and functions, and be able to do the most common tasks for less complicated graphic design and video editing projects.

Canva Pro, on the other hand, is a paid subscription that offers more features and functionality. It gives you access to more than 420,000 templates, 75 million free-to-use premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics and comes with 100GB of cloud storage. You can also access Brand Kit Management which is an additional feature that lets you upload your own typography styles, logos and color palette. Take your graphic design projects to the next level by utilizing exclusive features such as Magic Resize, animator, unlimited design and photo folders, and full functionality of Canva Team.

For organizations, businesses and agencies with large teams that have a need to design at scale, Canva for Enterprise is highly recommended. This plan allows you to enjoy all of the productivity and smart design features of Canva Pro but with advanced controls for collaborations and publications of brand designs. Aside from having access to multiple brand kits and design systems, it allows companies to use thousands of sales and marketing templates, as well as locked approval-based workflows. With this premium paid subscription, another layer of organization, which helps manage teams effectively by delimiting team uploads and edits, and allowing efficient collaboration across the platform, is added.

And that ends our content calendar series where we talked about (1) creating your brand board, (2) discovering how Facebook Creator Studio can make scheduling so easy, (3) learning all the different post types you can include in your content calendar, and (4) producing IG-worthy graphics with Canva!

We hope that this content calendar series will finally get you started on creating and maintaining a consistent social media post schedule. If you have any questions or need some assistance, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

Let’s get you started on posting consistently on your social media pages!
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And now, on to the next article series! Any ideas?

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