Podcasting for Business: Top 7 Reasons To Get Started

Defined as spoken word digital audio files, podcasts serve as feasible platforms to educate and entertain, even for digital marketing. Being all sound, a person who is listening doesn’t get distracted by visual cues one usually gets from watching a vlog, TV show or a film. This ease of use makes podcasting for business an attractive option for people who want to get their daily dose of information on-the-go.

Most podcasts come in the form of a series which are, in turn, broken down into episodes that an audience can listen to for a reasonable length of time. Since there is one on one, uninterrupted connection between the speaker and audience, podcasts are an effective tool to build trust in the audience.

Podcast marketing, in particular, can definitely be useful for a variety of businesses. Essentially, the objectives of podcasting for business are advertising, influencing and educating.

Interested in leveraging podcasting for business? Here are some information that can prove useful:

1. Build personal connection with your audience and potential clients.

In contrast to blogs, a podcast allows for a more personal relationship with a target audience. While a podcast is a one-sided medium, there is better ‘connection’ by way of the spoken word and the nuances of emotions that a listener can sense from the speaker’s voice.

Being episodic in nature, regular tuning in to a podcast builds a relationship and ultimately cultivates trust in an audience better than words on a page can. Through podcasts, small business owners can reach more listeners and prospective clients, rather than carrying out tens or hundreds of one-on-one consultations. True enough, it opens up more avenues of communication between you and your clientele.

2. Convenient.

The audience can listen to a podcast while doing something else. Podcasts can also be downloaded and replayed at a person’s convenience. Furthermore, with active subscriptions, a person can regularly get access to podcast episodes with no effort at all.

3. Easy to get started.

All you’ll really need is a computer, laptop or smartphone, software and a decent connection to the internet. Press record, talk, edit and publish it on a platform of your choosing.

4. Increase traffic generation.

Regular podcasting builds familiarity and helps you reach out to new and potential customers. Listeners tend to subscribe to a podcast they like. Once you have a loyal listener base, your audience can recommend your podcasts to other people, thereby expanding your target audience.

Advertising your products and services in podcasts will also draw new eyes onto your business and attract clients to visit and check out your website.

5. Additional revenue stream.

Aside from being an enjoyable pursuit, podcasting can be a potential revenue stream. Connecting to your clients thru podcasting will give them more ways to hear about your products or services, and eventually influence their purchase decision. Take note that the more popular your podcasts become, the more likely you are to get additional income through broadening your customer base and even sponsored content.

In addition to new leads and sales, podcasting provides businesses the opportunity to forge partnerships and gain sponsorships. Building up your podcast audience and establishing a good reputation will definitely help boost and grow your business.

6. Repurpose content.

Once your podcasts have aired, there are plenty of ways to repurpose them to reach wider audiences. You can share teasers about your podcasts in other social media platforms (Facebook groups or YouTube) to have wider reach.

7. And the best thing of all, an inexpensive digital marketing tool.

There are several options for podcast editing, many of which are in fact free. Podcasting also do not require a professional studio with fancy equipment. All you need are laptop or tablet, good quality microphone and an audio recording and editing software.

So why don’t you get started on a podcast of your own now and put your best business foot forward?

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