Facebook Business Suite: Streamline Your Facebook and Instagram Management

In September 2020, Facebook launched its newest management platform that was designed to help businesses streamline their digital marketing activities and manage their pages or profiles across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger through a more efficient, easier and faster system.

Known as the Facebook Business Suite, this interface incorporates your Facebook pages with Instagram business account into one space that is available both on desktop and in a mobile app. This business tool is the way to go to automate and simplify your everyday social media management activities, all for free!

Streamlining your Facebook and Instagram business pages in one convenient place

Facebook Business Suite allows users to:

  • Save time by allowing them to stay connected, and schedule and manage feed posts on both social media platforms in one place.
  • Stay up-to-date by receiving and managing alerts, messages and notifications from both communities using a single app. This way, users can easily communicate and responds to customers.  
  • View insights and analyze business results in one glance.  Through this platform, it’ll be easier to  evaluate the impact of your social media content to your business and subsequently strategize, plan, and create marketing visuals that are not only effective in promoting your brand but are also aligned with the your goals and mission.

To get started with Facebook Business Suite, make sure to convert your Instagram into a business account.  After which, connect your Facebook and Instagram business accounts by navigating to your Facebook Business page and clicking on “Settings”.

Once clicked, scroll down until you find Instagram on the left then follow on-screen prompts to connect your Instagram account. You can easily access this tool both on desktop or mobile. 

Here’s a rundown of the its features:


Your homepage dashboard allows you see an at-a-glance view of notifications, recent activities, and the latest updates from both your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Here, you may also look through your messages as well as create and schedule a post.


This tab enables you to access and check all recent notifications including comments, likes and mentions on Facebook and Instagram.

Unified Inbox

Reading and responding to messages coming from your Facebook page, Messenger, and Instagram account have been made easier through your unified inbox. From here, you may also create auto responses by setting up various auto responders. This will allow you to instantly communicate with your customers, share information about business pages, respond to feedback, and more.

Posts and Stories

In this section, you can create, publish, and schedule multiple posts in advance for both Facebook page and Instagram feed. While you’re at it, you can also get a detailed view of insights for each post. Further, this feature gives you access to a content calendar where you can simply manage your posting schedule.


This section allows you to check the overview of your previous ads (if you have any). You can also design new ads, boost posts, and monitor ad metrics.


The Insights tab will let you see and analyze detailed reports on the trends, audience demographics and performance of each content on both social media platforms. The overall analytics will provide clear insights about post activity and account growth from which then allows you to compare and contrast results from both channels side by side. You can also use filter to sort data in various ways.

Final thoughts

Facebook Business Suite is indeed a low-cost social media management platform that is highly suitable for small businesses who are trying to streamline their social medial marketing activities. It is a one-stop shop that has all the features needed to simplify and manage their digital presence both on Facebook and Instagram including marketing, messaging and data analytics.

While there are other several social media management tools out there, Facebook Business Suite is definitely worth a try.

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