Importance of NAP Consistency

The NAP acronym, which stands for Name, Address, Phone number, specifies the physical location and pertinent contact details of a business across the internet. NAP details are oftentimes prominently displayed in different websites such as company websites, social media pages, search engine registration and directories, among others.

Information contained herein is of particular importance especially for prospective customers. Through NAP details, internet users get to know a company’s business name, whether it has a local branch and its contact details.

Aside from attracting potential customers, displaying NAP information boosts a company’s organic search results. Through this key information, search results become narrowed and specific, giving internet users more local, appropriate and feasible options. In essence, NAP information lets search engines know more about your business so they can point interested users in your direction.

To attain good overall performance across multiple internet platforms, consistency of NAP information is key. NAP consistency is foremost among the factors influencing local search rankings. Consistency, or uniformity, of NAP information entails similar information, spelling and even format.

If NAP information in your company’s website is variable and inconsistent with those in your local directories, you lose validation in popular search engines, and customers in the process. Outdated and incorrect NAP information generally puts businesses in bad light leading to a loss of credibility in search engines.

Furthermore, local ranking hinges on NAP consistency to attain relevance, distance and prominence. Discussed hereunder is how NAP information influences these three important ranking parameters:

Relevance. With consistency, NAP details you posted will provide Google with sufficient information relevant to a user’s information needs.

Distance. A user’s location is crucial if your goal is to invite more clients to your business. NAP consistency, which requires you to list down your shop’s full address, will enable Google to include your company as a local listing. Additionally, an actual address shown in your website and directories confers a sense of trustworthiness in your business.

Prominence. Consistency of your NAP and its ubiquity across multiple platforms conveys an impression of prominence to your business. With prominence, you get higher search rankings and become even more prominent. It can therefore be said that consistency of NAP is something that businesses must aspire for. Shown below are tips a budding entrepreneur can consider to have NAP consistency:

Tips to Achieve NAP Consistency

1. Avoid Abbreviations. While abbreviations are tempting to use, it is still advisable to spell out words (i.e. street instead of st.) to avoid confusion due to similar acronyms or some other reasons.

2. Add your website. Supplement NAP information with your website. This will reinforce information by constant referrals from social media and other internet platforms.

3. Constantly update NAP Information. Do this or you lose good business and potential customers. You don’t want prospective customers ringing out of service phone numbers of turning up in old/vacated shops!

4. Set up a Google My Business Account. Take advantage of Google’s popularity by creating a Google My Business account. This invaluable account gives you access to useful tools for enhancing your business’ digital marketing and SEO. Most importantly, you can manage your Business Profile, the one-stop-shop for users looking to find out more about a business.

Are your NAPs consistent in your GMB listing, your website, your social media pages, and even your citations? It can get tedious getting all these details up to date across the board, but it MUST be done. Take that first step today, start with your Google My Business profile.

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