5 Ways to Market Your Physical Therapy Practice on Facebook

Physical therapists, whether you are new to the business or have been in practice for years, can now benefit from the all-encompassing reach of social media such as Facebook.

Relying on walk-in customers, referrals or word of mouth promotion will not cut it, especially during current pandemic times. Instead, the widest-reaching social media platform can finally give you a competitive advantage.

Just like goods for sale and other forms of services, active digital presence builds awareness of what a business has to offer. Similarly, you can attract more patients by establishing a digital footprint using Facebook.

To help you get started, here are some key points and tips on how to utilize Facebook in promoting your services.

Post quality content regularly, and at the right times.

Set aside a block of time to create and post quality content. Make sure that they are informative and will educate potential patients about your clinic and the importance of its presence in the community.  

Moreover, learn when your target audience is active on Facebook by using the Page Insights tool. This tool will also guide you as to which content format is highly engaging and effective. Lastly, select a posting schedule that will work for you and try to be consistent as much as possible.

Prospective patients, having no need of your services now, will instantly remember your visual content and digital ads when they or somebody close to them will require your services in the near or distant future.

Communicate with your audience.  

Facebook provides a venue where patients can communicate health-related issues that bother them in real time. This interaction must not be one way but rather a bilateral connection with your clinic on one end and your patients on the other.

In doing so, negative feedback can be directly addressed and services, improved (if needed). Make sure to reply to comments and private messages. You may also use tools such as Facebook post auto-responder or comment guards.

Revitalize your Facebook content to align with current trends.

An outdated and old posting is not likely to attract attention. Consider streaming live once in a while to showcase your clinic and services. Run a contest or giveaway. These tactics, among others, will help you generate new leads, get more audience, and expand your reach.

Your goals for the Facebook campaign must be clear from the get-go.

Align and develop your strategies for Facebook marketing to attain these set goals. Whether you want to raise awareness, increase engagement, generate leads, or encourage people to use your service, Facebook offers several built-in functionalities that will help get you through to your audience.

Target the right clientele and the right geographical location.

In 2021, Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users and 1.62 billion daily visitors. Indeed, it has a huge following that can be tapped as potential clientele. However, targeting the right audience with the right marketing campaign is imperative.

To get positive results, narrow down your audience by figuring out your target demographics such as age and gender along with audience’s interests, financial behavior, level of education, among others.

Most physical therapists operate as traditional brick-and mortar business therefore targeting the right geographical location for your digital campaigns is also highly crucial. Facebook offers a location targeting feature where you can reach people based on location such as country, region or city. This will allow you to connect with people who are nearby and subsequently promote store traffic.

Lastly, here’s a quote from Nitin Chhoda’s book entitled “Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinics” which says that “social media will no longer be a fad, it will be a revolution“.

Are you ready to take part in the revolution?

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