Facebook Live: Do you really need to do it in 2022?

Facebook, being the biggest social media platform used worldwide, provides their users a feature that allows them to do live streaming on their accounts, aptly called Facebook Live.

It was back in August 2015 when Facebook Live was introduced to some high-profile users and, ultimately, made the feature available for everyone. Personal accounts and business accounts took advantage of this feature allowing them to interact and show their activities in real-time to their friends and followers.

Facebook Live will let a user or a page do a live stream of their gatherings, events, and performances via Facebook. Reactions from viewers are visible as well as the number of people watching. Comments reflect real-time as the live streaming happens. It sure does increase the engagement of a page especially when the live stream is being shared by different people reaching potential viewers, old and new.

Small to medium-sized businesses benefited a lot from this feature. It made their selling and product introduction a lot easier. Since online selling has become rampant, these small sellers use Facebook Live to proactively sell their products as their viewers or customers do the bidding.

Families and friends who are far from each other especially during this pandemic can let their family members and friends see them or watch ongoing events or celebrations just like they’re together through this Facebook feature. Making the feature is both beneficial for personal use and business use.

Although Facebook Live really made the life of some business owners easier, there are still a few downsides. Bear in mind that these pros and cons are not listed to scare or make you doubtful, they exist to inform. Take a look at the list of pros and cons applicable mostly for businesses and some for regular users of this live stream feature.

Facebook Live Pros and Cons


Brand Awareness and Engagement

Q & A sessions, new product reveals, sneak peeks or event announcements can be done without the need for too much effort since this feature is easily accessible for everyone. Viewers and customers can comment, react, and engage with the live streamers in real-time.

Cost Savings

Live streaming on Facebook is free. All you need are your products, good lighting, and the device you will be using. A great way to market your products and services without spending too much.

Time Efficient

You can use this feature instead of spending hours filming, doing edits to generate content for your business. It will look more authentic, and they’ll see the product live and raw. But this is not enough to market everything. Other marketing strategies are still essential.

Previous Live Sessions Remain Available For Viewing

All those previous Facebook Live sessions you have done will be there on your page after you end it and will still gain comments, reactions, and engagements whenever users watch it.

No matter how long the live stream has ended, the video will be visible on your page and ready to be viewed anytime.


Technical Issues

A slow internet connection can really be a hindrance while doing the live stream. The video could freeze, or your stream will get disconnected making your viewers lose interest in watching.


You can’t filter things while doing the live stream. Interruptions from unexpected people or those viewers who use foul language in the comment section are visible unless you block them.

Unexpected Happenings

Tripping over, falling off the chair, your device falling sideways or face down. A lot of things can happen, and you can’t edit it out. Viewers will see what is happening in real-time, no filter, all-natural.


For bigger entrepreneurs, doing a Facebook Live can be very difficult to insert on their busy day. Hiring someone to do the task will cost money and time on explaining everything or how things should be done and what things need exposure.

In conclusion

Focusing on the positive aspects will really convince you to keep on using Facebook Live. Since a lot of people use Facebook on a daily basis, it is only reasonable to continue patronizing this feature as a part of your online marketing strategy to boost your business’ performance.

Given all these pros and cons, this feature is still an essential marketing strategy that people should never neglect to do this 2022. Being aware of how it works and the benefits it can give, from my perspective, Facebook Live deserves a thumbs up for 2022.

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