Google My Business No More in 2022: Losing App, Rebranding and Other Updates

Google My Business or GMB has always been a go-to tool for business owners wanting to establish their brands locally and attract more locals. Registering to this program created by Google itself was such a huge help for business owners and even for customers but after 7 years, it’s finally retiring.

Since Google does not charge for any business listings done on Google My Business, local businesses have been using this to attract potential customers with the use of its relevant features. Uploading photos, details, location, products, and services are some of the things you can do with this free tool.

Google is considered the ultimate search referrer when it comes to web or foot traffic. The profile you have created with Google My Business will show your potential customers how and where to visit your business. A lot easier to attract new customers especially visitors around your area via the internet, using their mobile phones or laptops.

The existence of Google My Business has impacted a lot of businesses with physical locations, in a good way. It paved the way for making their businesses easier for local customers to find as well as their products. An increase of visibility over different Google services such as Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Search gives local businesses an advantage over those who haven’t created their profile.

Just recently, Google announced that they are renaming GMB to Google Business Profile (GBP). Aside from being renamed, additional changes will be implemented to improve this almost outdated local business management tool. Google has implied that the reason for the changes they are making is to “keep things simple”, retiring the app Google My Business fully. This Google product has been through so many names and improvements.

This change is actually encouraging business owners to manage their listings directly on Google Maps and Google Search using their mobile devices or laptops which is a more optimized strategy in social media marketing online. Google’s rebranding of this tool is not something you should be worried about. New updates and more improved features will be introduced such as the enhanced Map and Search features. Business owners will not have a hard time using this feature since this is also present in the Google My Business tool.

Some of the new features introduced by the new and improved Google My Business (newly known as Google Business Profile) are listed below:

  • Claiming and verifying of accounts are done directly in Google Maps and Google Search.
  • Google Search now allows messaging.
  • Message read receipts can now be controlled in both Google Maps and Google Search.
  • Call history will now be launched in both the US and Canada.

Listed above are only some of the new and improved features. Google might still have additional things to add that are not on the list so it is better to stay updated and aware of the changes. Research is always the key!

As for local business owners finding an alternative for Google My Business, there is no need to do that. The new and improved version will do just great and even better with the older one. Some experts have reacted to this news and they see no problem with this change since it is for the betterment of businesses.

Think of Google Business Profile as an upgrade of the older tool you are using. You just need to navigate and familiarize the new ones to effectively and efficiently use the tool. Research is also recommended for better understanding since there will be newly added features that you will be unfamiliar with.

Google My Business’ new version might have a different name and additional feature but it will always be a tool that will boost your business’ visibility and effectiveness for a much better local marketing online. The GBP will be the same thing but just improved and with more features available for business managers to use in order to do effective marketing locally.

Get your business profile up and running to outshine those competitors and attract more customers, repeating and new ones! Having a clear understanding of what Google My Business is, its uses, and how it works will make it a lot easier for you to use Google Business Profile. You will realize that Google My Business, is a free tool that is not just something that you use for your business but it is a must for businesses.

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