Social Media Management Tools For Local Businesses

As a local business owner, you are probably wondering about how other business owners manage their social media pages.

Managing social media pages can be time-consuming. Business owners find it hard to run a business and allocate time to be active on social media. In the modern ways of marketing, tools have become more accessible to make the managing of social media pages more convenient. 

For local businesses, it is very beneficial to establish social media pages and keep followers updated frequently to have higher chances of getting new customers. People look up businesses online because it is easier to access and see the information they need to place an order or just merely look up the physical address of a specific business.

Since social media plays a role in marketing a business’ products and services, it is essential to ensure that you are making the most out of it. How? Post content frequently to will reach prospective clients. Marketing using social media accounts is very effective in bringing more revenue to a business.

However, managing a business while keeping up with your daily marketing needs can be very messy. Social media management tools are the best options to function in the social media world.

To help you choose the right tools for your business needs, here is a list of the most common social media management tool perfect for local businesses:

Zoho Social

With a free account, your business’s social media presence won’t be hanging by a thread anymore. Unlimited posting and unlimited schedule can still be done without paying for premium but with just $10, analytics and more features can be accessed.

Premium allows 2 people to use the account while the free account is only accessible to 1 person. This option is a good starting point when trying to establish your social presence. You’ll get the features you need without costing you anything.


Comes with a free forever plan while the premium has a 14-day trial to experience what Buffer can offer. Very effective in driving successful engagement between the page and followers. Accessing the premium feature can be done by spending either $5 or $10. Reviews have shown that this tool is very intuitive and user-friendly which makes it easier to manage social media pages at once.


This is the most commonly used social media managing tool with over 15 million users. Given its evident success, paying for the premium features can be a bit costly which can run up to $599 monthly and for as low as $29. The best feature this tool have are post content, scheduling, ROI measurement, running social media ads, and a lot more.

People love about Hootsuite is its ability to connect to more than 30 social media networks, monitor keywords, several accounts, and perform bulk scheduling for social media posts.

Sprout Social

It has a CRM (customer relationship management) feature that makes it stand out among the others. Just like Hootsuite, Sprout Social will allow the management of multiple social media accounts in one tool; from reporting, to scheduling, to monitoring.

Although it only comes with a 30-day trial with no forever free plan, you will be able to enjoy beneficial features this tool can offer by paying $99, $149, or $249 per month depending on your needs.

Agora Pulse

The pricing of this social media management tool ranges from $79 to $159 per month with options for enterprise pricing. Still available for a free plan, Agora Pulse offers a unique feature that most tools don’t have which is analytics for competitors and contest apps for Facebook.

The tool comes with scheduling, reporting, and responding features which are the basic need to successfully and efficiently perform social media marketing and management.

The 5 tools mentioned above are just some of the social media management tools a local business can use to avoid spending too much time on their social media pages.

It is convenient, time-efficient, and effective which is advantageous for business owners who do not have time to spare. They can outsource the work from people they trust or a staff who is knowledgeable enough to do the management with the use of these tools.

Although the idea sounds promising, thorough research is still a need to find the best tool fit for the needs of your local business. Merely having a tool to manage your social media pages is not enough to effectively establish your online presence, there are still factors that need to be considered.

Start doing your research and rise above your competitors!

We can help. Contact us today!

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