A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Video Marketing

Marketing strategy plays a role in surviving a business. Healthcare providers like physical therapists surprisingly benefit from the modern way of advertising. Are you struggling? You are in for a good read.

People come across several videos on different platforms daily. As the most engaging way to market your services, video marketing can help retrain followers. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a veteran, it is never too early or too late to take advantage of this marketing strategy.

Buying radio spots, distributing flyers, or renting billboards are no longer enough these days. Even relying on word of mouth is not enough to bring prospective clients to your clinic.  If you are a physical therapist planning to bring awareness to a larger group of people while establishing your online reputation and gaining more prospective patients, video marketing is best for you.

Not all therapists use video content to market their practices and that is an advantage for you. If you already have social media accounts and a website established, you are way ahead of the rest already.

Why would you consider doing video marketing?

Experts said the human brain processes visual information faster than textual information. Most people prefer to watch the read things online. Videos are more appealing to users since it creates a connection with them. Using real people in your videos will move your viewers as it would make them relatable.

If you have made up your mind, here is a guide about video marketing for physical therapists. Below is a list of the most common and effective video marketing content you can make for your social media platforms.

Demo Videos

Creating demo videos of exercises is the easiest one that you can do frequently. Home exercises and stretches will make people inspired. Creating this kind of video will let your patients and other people know that you know an expert in your field.

Company Story Videos

Connecting to your audience through origin videos will give them a particular idea of the beginning of your practice. People will understand and connect to your struggles and success. Origin videos are considered to be an effective tool to introduce your practice in physical therapy to your followers and target audience.

PT Clinic Videos

Showing what your clinic looks like will influence people to visit your clinic whenever they need your services. Culture videos like these are essential to let people know what it’s like to be working in your PT clinic. Take short videos with your team from time to time especially when doing outdoor activities; this type of approach will attract more people.

Holiday or Event Videos

Posting videos with your team as you celebrate the holidays will show people the happy side of your clinic. Doing giveaways or raffles is a fun and engaging way to attract prospective clients online. A lot of clinics do these entertaining strategies to keep past clients engaged and attract new ones.

Behind The Scenes

Transparency helps build trust from your followers. This type of video can include new equipment introduction, safety measures to avoid overdoing your exercises, and other routines. Another BTS (behind the scene) that you can do is to give a quick tour of your clinic.

These videos are sure to take a lot of effort and time to create but trust the process. Patience is always the key. You don’t get successful on the first try or overnight.

Are those all the things you need to know?

Paid video advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms are good ways to do video marketing as well. Be creative and don’t spend too much on unnecessary content. Make your content informative, creative, and fun.

Don’t just create videos. Come up with a solid plan first and think of the elements that need to be considered such as budget, time, goal, target audience, the platform where the video will be released, and other creative requirements. That way, you will be able to maximize your resource and come up with great-quality video content.

Showcasing your physical therapy practice and the services you offer to a bigger audience can be daunting and that is why a concrete and optimized video marketing strategy will help you reach your target audience with the hope of converting them to patients in the future.

If you want to be a successful physical therapist with a great reputation online, better start discussing with your marketing team how to accomplish these effective video marketing strategies. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to level up as a PT!

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