Creator Studio vs. Business Suite: What’s the difference?

Having a social media presence is one of the most powerful strategies for reaching new customers and growing your brand. But with so many different platforms and tools out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

 If you’re thinking about using Instagram or Facebook for your business, you may be wondering which platform is right for you. Luckily, some great tools can help you make the most of social media for your business. Two of the most popular options are Creator Studio and Business Suite.

Do you need a separate app like Creator Studio, or will the Business Suite do everything you need?  Both tools offer a variety of features to help you manage your social media accounts. 

Let’s get to know Creator Studio and Business Suite a little better so you can choose the best one for you.

Creator Studio vs. Business Suite

What is Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is a tool that lets you manage your Instagram and Facebook business accounts in one place. With Creator Studio, you can see insights about your posts, get tips on how to grow your audience, and create and schedule content. Creator studio can also collaborate with other people on your team, manage comments and messages, and run ads.

Some of the key features of Creator Studio include:

  • A WYSIWYG editor that makes it easy to create and edit content
  • A library of templates and assets that users can use to craft content
  • A set of tools for collaboration, such as comments, annotations, and versioning
  • A set of tools for developing content, as well as scheduling and distribution

What is Business Suite?

Business Suite is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables businesses of all sizes to manage creative content and workflows in one central place. With Business Suite, you can create, manage, and publish content more efficiently.

Some of the key features of Business Suite include:

  •  A centralized content library where users can store all of the creative assets in one place
  •  An editorial calendar that helps users plan and schedule content more effectively
  •  A workflow management tool that enables users to track the progress of the content from creation to publication
  •  A set of analytics tools that help users measure the performance of the content and make data-driven decisions reliable with Business Suite users.

Business Suite and Creator Studio are two separate but complementary tools. Let’s dig a little more into the similarities and differences between them.

Here is a list of things that Creator Studio and Business Suite have in common:

1. They both allow you to post content on your social media accounts.

2. They both include analytics, and you’ll see how well your material is doing.

3. They both allow you to run ads on your social media accounts.

4. They both allow you to respond to messages, set up automated responses and more.

5.They both allow you to create and schedule your Facebook and Instagram stories.

6. They both allow you to manage your notifications to keep you up to date on your business’s latest activity.

7. They both allow you to oversee all of your pages, accounts and business assets in one place.

8. They both allow you to host live streams to Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

Now let’s take a look at the differences between Creator Studio and Business Suite:

1. Creator Studio is a tool for creators who want to manage their content and grow their audience on social media, while Business Suite is for businesses that want to manage their social media accounts and expand their market.

2. Creator Studio offers some basic features for managing your social media accounts, while Business Suite offers more robust features, including the ability to create and publish content, schedule posts, and track analytics.

3. Business Suite allows you to reply to customer reviews and create ads, while Creator Studio is unable to do so; although, both platforms can boost post.

4. With the latest update, Business Suite has an advantage over Creator Studio when it comes to posting and scheduling  your posts and stories.

5. In terms of overall features, Creator Studio, being a more established system, has been thoroughly refined, while Business Suite still has a few kinks to iron out. However, with Meta Business Suite’s constant improvements, managing your social media accounts is certainly simpler.

So which tool is right for you, Creator Studio or Business Suite?

Assume you’re a small business owner who only uses Facebook and Instagram to promote your business. In this case, Creator Studio would be a good choice for you because it is direct and creative, and it offers all the essential features you need to manage your accounts.

However, if you’re a larger company with several social media accounts or want more advanced capabilities, Business Suite would be a better choice. It is a complete package of tools and services to help your business grow online.

Creator Studio and Business Suite have their strengths and weaknesses, so it now depends on your needs. You can use one or both services to get the most out of your social media accounts.

Still undecided about whether getting Creator Studio or Business Suite is best for you?
Get in touch with us, and we can help you decide.

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