Implementing A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations

Business owners with multiple locations should always keep the needs of their individual locations in mind when planning a local SEO strategy. Keeping your business’s sights set on your customers, and not solely on rankings, is the best way to create a successful strategy. While local SEO is quite complicated, there are steps you canContinue reading “Implementing A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations”

Google Business Profile: What You Need To Know

When looking to start a business, the most important factor that must be considered is how your future customers will reach you – now, through Google Business Profile, you control just how your business shows up on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. Formerly titled Google My Business or GMB in short, this featureContinue reading “Google Business Profile: What You Need To Know”

Google My Business Verification For Multi-Location Businesses

Keeping multiple locations as a business owner may appear to be substantially more complex than managing a single location listing. Fortunately, when it comes to marketing multi-location businesses, one of the most effective free tools for making it more efficient is using a Google My Business (GMB) profile.GMB profiles help promote customer engagement by listingContinue reading “Google My Business Verification For Multi-Location Businesses”

Google My Business As Landing Page

A landing page is an effective tool for increasing website traffic, improving SEO, and establishing a strong brand. Additionally, it may be used in a successful marketing plan to increase sales. Customers are sent to a landing page when they are interested in a certain product, service, or offer and are encouraged to take action.Continue reading “Google My Business As Landing Page”

How Local SEO Brings Clients To Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Do you want to promote and grow your physical therapy practice? Do you need to extend your reach and gain new patients? Well, local SEO may just be one of the best ways that you should seriously consider! Local search engine optimization (SEO) has taken on a more significant role especially for local businesses. InContinue reading “How Local SEO Brings Clients To Your Physical Therapy Clinic”