What is Google My Business?

Are you running a startup business that wants to make a powerful first impression and gain visibility in the digital landscape? Or an established company that needs to increase online presence?

Get started with Google my Business (GMB). Previously known as Google Local and Google Places, GMB is a handy online tool that powers Google business listing and allows businesses and organizations to show on local pack and showcase their products and services across Google and its growing portfolio of utilities. It operates as a virtual storefront wherein even small businesses can create and manage their business listing online. 

Furthermore, it offers an excellent opportunity for a business to appear in Google local search results and show some important information about their business, including contact details, operating hours, or a direct link to their website.

According to a 2019 study, GMB has been an indispensable business tool any entrepreneur can have under his belt, “with 96% of local business being viewed 25 times per month in Google Search results, and 86% being viewed more than 25 times in Google Maps”.

Here are 5 perks of setting up a Google My Business listing:

Nothing beats a free online business tool.  

GMB is one of the most essential platforms for business and marketing which does not entail any cost. Creating, claiming, verifying, and managing business listings on the world’s most trusted search engine can all be done with zero costs. 

A free mobile app for Android and iOS devices is even available for you to conveniently access and update your listings anytime, anywhere. It is indeed valuable especially for local marketers who are just about to start building their business without having the need to spend hundreds of dollars in local advertising.

It boosts online visibility.

GMB allows businesses to appear in Google Maps. Subsequently, having a claimed GMB account provides opportunity to be included in Google’s local 3-pack listing which is a specified area that appears on the first results page when an online inquiry with local intent is made through Google’s search platform.

This coveted local pack alone accounts for about 44% of clicks by Google users, warranting online traffic to the business listing and website link. Likewise, having a claimed GMB can increase organic ranking.

It can collect and display reviews.

GMB enables entrepreneurs to collect customer reviews–an important business element that can be a conduit to the success of your brand. Aside from being the biggest source of social proof that drives purchase, reviews are said to be a key ranking factor for local pack results. Good reviews and high star rating can have positive effect to your business and consequently lead to increased revenue.

It helps gain customer insights.

This business too provides customer insights such as how and where customers find your listings, actions and other interactions customers had with your listings, among others. These insights may be valuable in understanding the market and improving business strategies.

It helps increase customer engagement.

GMB profile offers vast opportunities for businesses to easily connect with their potential customers across Google search and maps with just a single tap or click.

This platform, albeit basic, is indeed a critical tool that provides significant impact especially for brands seeking local exposure.

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