How To Optimize Google My Business Profile: 5 Key Points To Remember

Google My Business (GMB) is a free, multi-featured powerful business tool that you can take advantage of to manage your digital presence and connect with your potential clientele. Boost the visibility of your business online and improve your rankings in Google searches simply by optimizing your business profile on Google.

Here are five key points to remember on how to optimize and make your GMB profile work.

Complete every section and provide as much information as possible.

Your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) is an important SEO ranking factor that needs to be considered when optimizing your Google my Business profile.  Aside from improving your search engine visibility, these nuggets of information are essential in building consumer trust.

Be meticulous when providing information and ensure that your business name, store hours, address, website URL, and phone number are complete, precise and consistent with your other local listings across the web.

Take note that inconsistencies, even the trivial ones (e.g., ave. vs. avenue, st. vs. street), are taken into account by Google’s algorithm in assessing the credibility of your business.

Some sections may take more time and thought to complete, but make sure to provide your business category, attributes, business hours, products and services and reviews.

Do not forget to showcase your brand’s identity by writing a perfect 750-character business description which is one of the first things that users see when visiting your GMB listing.

Also use appropriate keywords where possible to improve relevance. These steps, albeit tedious, will help you come up with a complete and accurate business profile that is highly vital not only in establishing the credibility and reputability of your business but also in building trust and boosting consumer confidence.

Maximize GMB features and make it convenient for users to reach you.

Aside from providing your updated contact number, activating instant messaging for GMB can help you connect with potential clients seamlessly and conveniently.

This feature lets you connect with prospective customers with just a few taps in real time. It also allows business owners to monitor inquiries and send essential business information without any difficulty.

Improve your GMB profile by adding photos and posts.


Help clients get to know your business better and understand the experience they get in-store by uploading good quality and eye-catching photos to your GMB profile. Apart from adding visual interest, uploading photos will most likely convert searchers and can make or break potential user action.

According to Google, business listings with photos receive at least 42% more requests for directions, and 35% more clicks through their websites.

Here are three different photo categories that you can make use of when setting and improving your GMB profile.

a. Cover photo

This photo will be displayed at the top of your profile. It will often show up as the first image for your business so make sure to choose a high-quality photo that best represents your brand and will make an impressive first impression

b. Profile photo

Logo is often used as the profile photo to help users recognize your business on Google. This will appear each time you make a post or reply to reviews on your GMB listing

c. Business photos

Upload at least one eye-catching photo that will catch the interest of potential clients every seven days. Include photos of products, team members, interior and exterior views and customers. These business photos may give impression and highlight features of your business and consequently will give you an edge to stand out against the competition.

Take note of these photo requirements as specified by Google:

               1. JPG or PNG format

               2. Image size between 10 KB and 5 MB.

               3. Resolution of at least 250 dpi; Recommended resolution is 750 dpi

               4. Photos should have no significant alterations, special effects and excessive use of filters


GMB lets you connect with potential and past customers with its “Posts” feature.

This feature allows you to upload photos and share text updates such as special offers, business campaigns, and event information.

These posts are visible to anyone who visits your GMB profile, and therefore gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand.

They also appear in the knowledge panel in the search results for your business.

Add special category-specific features and attributes.

Category-specific special features are often available, depending on your chosen business category. These features, when taken advantage of, will help ensure that your GMB listing will show up whenever potential users make relevant search. Adding attributes will also help potential customers to further understand what your business is all about.

Encourage customers to leave a review.

Aside from improving your local SEO ranking, a relevant and good review is an important deciding element that can drive potential clients to your favor. Moreover, these reviews are essential in building trust and loyalty with your clientele. Remember that consumer confidence and trust is a critical key factor when making purchase decisions.

Remember these key points to optimize your business profile. Make the most of Google my Business and take advantage of all its features to better serve the needs of your potential customers.

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