Marketing A Physical Therapy Practice: Do’s and Don’ts

An important aspect of marketing a physical therapy practice is cultivating a relationship with your patients. While some physical therapists might be able to rely on word-of-mouth advertising to get new patients, most need to invest in marketing efforts that help them reach their target clients. The most effective marketing campaigns are those that makeContinue reading “Marketing A Physical Therapy Practice: Do’s and Don’ts”

Understanding Local SEO For Physical Therapy Lead Generation

Any business with a physical location where consumers or clients can visit should optimize for local search. This is especially significant for businesses in the healthcare field, such as physical therapists, because potential patients frequently look for care in their specific geographic location. That’s when local SEO comes in. The goal of local SEO isContinue reading “Understanding Local SEO For Physical Therapy Lead Generation”

A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Video Marketing

Marketing strategy plays a role in surviving a business. Healthcare providers like physical therapists surprisingly benefit from the modern way of advertising. Are you struggling? You are in for a good read. People come across several videos on different platforms daily. As the most engaging way to market your services, video marketing can help retrainContinue reading “A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Video Marketing”