Top 3 Massage Therapy Facebook Post Ideas

As the pandemic has hindered many people from stepping outside of residences, releasing tension from our bodies had to be done through traditional means (such as at-home exercises) but now, with restrictions loosening, massage therapy clinics can finally welcome back people seeking to experience deep relaxation with quality massage therapy services.

So, as a massage therapy clinic owner, how do you urge people back and attract them towards the clinic using effective social media marketing? Through the largest social media platform, of course – Facebook!

Facebook, even after 18 years since its inception, remains to be one of the top social media sites that people use – so it is in your best interest to use this platform to your advantage to reach a wide range of audiences through Facebook’s various posting features. 

However, aside from plastering your business logo and contact information with timings all over your page, what kind of post ideas can you, as the clinic owner, possibly come up with that appeals to your current and future customers?

With a little out-of-the-box thinking and navigation through Facebook’s features, your massage therapy clinic page will be publishing consistent posts with these ideas below in no time.

Time to get those creative juices pumping!

Idea #1: Go for visuals

Show people just how good massage therapy is!

Instead of churning out blocks of text on your Facebook page about the benefits of massage therapy, it’s best to keep the words at a minimum and let the visuals do all the talking.

By visual, we of course mean images depicting the actual massage therapy or videos that boast the skill of the professionals in the clinic, ensuring customers of satisfactory massage therapy service from your business.

These Facebook posts are bound to pique the interests of your followers because it shows them what they’re missing out on – seeing is believing for many people, after all. 

It is also good to consider having these visual content edited and enhanced to their best output before posting them on Facebook, as you always want to leave a good impression on those that will be coming across them.

Idea #2: Be witty

Be hip and follow the trend on Facebook.

Following the previous idea of putting the focus on visual marketing, you may also want to post on what is currently trending through illustrations and graphic designs.

Relating massage therapy with trendy content shows your customers that you are up to date. One thing people can appreciate on Facebook is good humor and feel-good content, even from business pages.

A massage therapy page is not exempt from this; your customers aim to unwind their stress through your business, thus having witty and relatable posts is the first step in convincing them.

Admittedly it may not be necessary, as, in the end, what you are really marketing is your health business service – but high engagements on your Facebook page is hardly a bad thing. It certainly drives people towards your page, and in doing so, introduces a good number of potential customers to your massage therapy clinic.

Being professional is undeniably crucial to any service, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing your customers that your business is always approachable.

Idea #3: Create interactive posts on Facebook

Ask or talk about massage therapy!

Polls, Facebook lives, and the Q&A option are some of the features offered on Facebook to encourage your followers to directly interact with your page, aside from just leaving likes and reactions then scrolling past your posts.

Naturally, these Facebook posts will focus on the topic of massage therapy – you may ask your followers if they have had any experience with massage therapy and how it went through a poll or Q&A, and hold Facebook lives with themes such as ASMR or games just to set your page apart from the rest.

These should end with you promoting your own massage therapy clinic – by acknowledging their feedback, you can guarantee a better experience by proving your business is the better choice.

Directly involving your followers in your posts makes them feel like their input is valued, and that they are part of the business.

When  is the best time to post on Facebook?

As Facebook’s organic reach continues to plummet with the platform pushing the paid ads feature. Knowing when to post can greatly increase the exposure and visibility of your massage therapy business.  You may increase your business’s visibility, engagement, and reach by posting on your Facebook page during optimal times.

Finding the best posting times, however, can be difficult, particularly if you rely on organic reach. Moreover, there have been several studies that have sought to determine the ‘best time to post on Facebook,’ but there most likely isn’t a single best time to post on Facebook.

If there is no ‘optimal’ time to publish, how do you decide when to share your material on Facebook? Here are some tips that could be useful to you.

  1. Content Relevance – the success of your brand depends on the relevance of the content you provide. In the end, success depends on how well your target audience perceives your content solves their problems or piques their interests. If you want to boost the performance of your posts, relevance is your best weapon. Make sure that the information you provide is in line with the latest trends and developments in your field of specialization.
  1. Through Facebook Insights – The best data to use in formulating any marketing and digital strategy is your own data. You’ll have greater success in determining when to schedule Facebook posts if you have a thorough understanding of your own audience and the performance of your content.

Your audience can be engaged in a variety of ways.  Make sure your content has the potential to entertain or educate, provoke thought, or add something of significance. Are you ready to try out these Facebook post ideas?

While there are many ideas you can incorporate onto your Facebook page, it’s best to always keep it centered on your massage therapy clinic – through good, creative posts.

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