The Ultimate Google Business Profile Management Cheat Sheet

Google changes the information in your Google Business Profile all the time, and most business owners don’t even know about it. This is why Google Business Profile management is so important if you want to leverage a location-based strategy and move up in your local SEO campaign.

When a user does a search for a certain business, a Google Business Profile will appear on the search results page. This implies that every eligible local business that incorporates Google Business Profile management into their marketing strategy has a better chance of ranking higher on Google and attracting local customers.

However, most businesses nowadays assume that creating a Google Business Profile is the single step necessary for launching their online marketplace. As a result, Google Business Profile management is often overlooked because many profile owners don’t know how to navigate their profiles in the right direction.

This article will guide you on how to manage your Google Business Profile by understanding your admin privileges and the best practices for maintaining your profiles’ visibility in search engines.

How to Give Admin Access to Your Google My Business Account

Once you’ve claimed your Google Business Profile, you can add one or more page managers to help you run your account. Some tasks, like adding graphics or managing posts, might require a page manager.

And as the owner of the Google Business listing, you will need to log in and add the page manager to the account yourself.

These steps will help you figure out what to do.

Step 1: Go to your Business Profile. Learn more.

Step 2: Click the Menu button, then click Business Profile settings, then click Managers.

Step 3: Click “Add Invite New Users” in the top left corner.

Step 4: Type in their name or an email address.

Step 5: Choose Owner or Manager under “Access.”

Step 6: Click “Invite.”

Level of Access to Google Business Profile

Note: There can be more than one owner for each Business Profile, but only one Primary owner.

Owners and primary owners:

  • As an owner, you can invite other people to help manage a profile.
  • Share the same access, except that a Primary owner can’t remove themselves from a Business Profile until they give primary ownership to another.
  • Share the same access, except that a Primary owner can’t remove themselves from a Business Profile until they give primary ownership to another user.


  • Managers have access to most of the things an Owner can do, but not the more sensitive functions.
  • Business Profile can’t be taken down by a manager.
  • Manager won’t be able to manage users.

Best Practices for Google Business Profile Management

  • Post regular updates.

Most businesses either don’t utilize this function because they are unaware of it or they neglect to publish on a regular basis. Keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date helps people find you and brings you more traffic.

When you update your Google Business Profile with new information, you strengthen your position in the community. With this, Google will confirm your business. This verifies your company’s business with Google. Google’s rankings improve when you legitimize your business.

  • Add new photos regularly.

Uploading photos to your Google Business Profile can boost your local ranking and online visibility. Google promotes local business listings that are updated often. With updated images, your business has a better chance of being found on the first page of results on Google and Google Maps.

It follows that images are a must if you want to dominate Google Local. Photos that are both aesthetically appealing and reflective of your business can help your Google Business Profile stand out and make a positive impression.

  • Pay attention to getting more Google reviews.

When evaluating whether or not to show your business to potential customers, reviews are taken into consideration. When users type in a query on Google, they are directed to a local business that fits their needs and will give them excellent service.

Good reviews raise the profile of your business online. Customer traffic may be increased by strategically placing positive reviews on your website. They are useful for search engine optimization, so keep your review page up to date.

Apart from functioning as a virtual storefront where you can publish and share details about your business such as its hours of operation, customer service rules, and more.

Your Google Business Profile also serves as a public profile for everyone in the community. This is where users can add reviews, queries, answers, updates, images, and videos, which Google encourages.

Taking all of these things into account, effective management of your business’ online and local reputation is essential to its long-term success; this is why Google Business Profile management is important.

Do you have a GBP management strategy in place? Interested to know more about it? Get in touch with us today.

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